Another Babor Crush


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Unknown said...

Sounds amazing. How pricey are Babor products?! Are they available on the high street or just on line?

Thank you x

Unknown said...

Hi Charlotte, yes the Babor products are a little pricey, but the ingredients and research you get are well worth the spend. The 50ml cream is averaging around £92. You can purchase Babor online through their site or try Esque, an award winning salon in Warwickshire, who also sell the products online with advice:)xx

Unknown said...

Thanks Allyson. I'll check out their website xx

Unknown said...

Dear Allison,
I've just encountered Babor products recently through my beautician. I'm planning to get this cream as well, I really liked your review on it on youtube :-). Please tell me, do you use it in the morning or in the evening? What kind of cleansing rituals do you use prior applying the cream? Do you use face brush on your face? I know a website called also where Babor products are very well priced, for example this cream would cost 70GBP. Thank you very much for your advice! :-) Nida from Budapest, Hungary.