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So, apologies for the lack of posts of late. In all honesty, I have been pulled away from my 'fun' with my business role and little people and illness, the list goes on. School is out, so the Summer has officially begun! 

I'm back with a great little post about a gorgeous body scrub I've been using for some time now and I loved it so much, I felt it warranted a mention on my blog.

The Fortune Scrub is part of the range from Rituals, a skincare and makeup brand, who also create candles, perfume and numerous other beautiful products. There are different ranges that offer different spiritual and cleansing needs, here's a little bio on the Laughing Buddha range featured here:

"In ancient China, 1100 years ago, the Laughing Buddha was a famous monk whose legendary smile brought happiness wherever he went. For centuries, rubbing his belly has symbolised good luck and prosperity. This tradition is the inspiration for a collection of uplifting products that celebrate this positivity".

The ingredients are combined to give a powerful yet moisturising concoction. It is a clear gel that once blended with water becomes a foaming friend and once you begin the 'circles', the exfoliation really clings to the skin and gets to work on those difficult areas i.e. upper arms, thighs, arms, hip area. I would advise using an amount for each area about the size of a 10 pence, a little goes a long way. Even under the shower, it doesn't disintegrate and wash down the drain, which is a big tick in the box. I use this twice a week, and I wouldn't recommend any more due to the power of the exfoliation. I love it, as I feel a definite improvement in my skin every time and the fragrance is not overpowering but refreshing and invigorating. Once dry, the skin you have focused on feels smoother, not tight at all and moisturised, which lasts. 

The cost is usually around £10, however this particular scrub is reduced to £5 from the Rituals e-commerce site. From researching the brand, I imagine it is to do with the fact that a new fragrance for this scrub has been introduced, I wonder if I would like the Sweet Orange and Cedar as much?

So, there you have it. A short sharp burst, and if you would like to bring some happiness and prosperity into your life (along with gorgeously soft skin) give this scrub a try. Just for information, Marks & Spencer also stock this brand in their beauty section, just in case you fancied popping along and having a look see.

Have you tried the Rituals scrubs or any other products of theirs, what is your favourite?

Bye for now, Ally x

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