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Skincare, it is such a personal thing. I have tried and tested many different brands of skincare, from cheap and cheerful to very expensive, and they all have their place in the world of beauty.  I don't know about you, but my skin has a mind of its own sometimes. Some days it is well behaved, others it just plays up and nothing seems to settle it down.

If I am honest, this is the reason I am always apprehensive about trialling new skincare products, as I have my ritualistic cleansing routine using trusted products. However, I received this trial kit and it just had to be tried. 

The brand of skincare that I am going to discuss today is called Image Skincare and these products are from the Iluma range which are "formulated to lighten, brighten and illuminate all skin tones for an even, glowing complexion". There are numerous ranges under the umbrella that is Image Skincare, covering anti-ageing through to sensitive skin. 

The box contained a cleanser, serum, face moisturiser, hand and body lotion, all in mini sizes. I have decided to focus on the serum and the face moisturiser, as a I personally felt that they made the most impact on my skin. 
Okay, so I used the cleanser for a few days, and unfortunately I just didn't like the way that the product left my skin. I found it to be on the heavy side and left a coating on my skin which I felt I needed to wash off. I am not a huge fan of oil based cleansers, I feel that my skin isn't left clean and can be left greasy. Not put off by this, I used my own cleanser and continued the trial with the other two. 

The serum however, is not oil based, and is in no way greasy to use. It has a beautiful smell, and is absorbed with ease into the skin. The consistency of this serum is quite runny, which is very different to some that I have used. The colour is a lightish brown, and believe me that a little goes a long way, so there is no need to slather it on.  The serum leaves the skin with a dewy texture, and is a perfect base for the moisturiser.
Moving on to the moisturiser, I was really impressed with its performance. I loved its consistency and also its fresh fragrance. Once the cream was applied, it soaked into my skin and seemed to gel really well with the serum. The two together made my skin feel super special, almost like it had a protective barrier. The initial feeling of "just applied' cream faded almost instantly, and I had no hesitation in applying my foundation. 

After several days of using this clever little combo, I found my skin looked healthy and clear, and I didn't need to use a primer under my foundation which was a bonus. The dewy texture and appearance lasted all day, and the foundation seemed to stay put, which was also a positive for me.

It was a shame that I couldn't use the cleanser, but for those of you that enjoy the result of oil based products, it will most likely be a perfect combination.

This handy little trial kit was a fantastic introduction to a brand of skincare that I wasn't aware of. I'm afraid that it hasn't swayed me to purchase full size products, as my skin is at its best using my regular products, but it has been a really enjoyable experience.

What is your favourite skincare products? What are their benefits?

Bye for now, Ally x 

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