You Beauty Discovery Box Month 2

Welcome to my second installment of YouBeauty Discovery.  This month I received some 'brush on' false eyelashes from a company called Magnifibres (I'd never heard of them) and some Cream Blush from Bourjois. As normal I received some additional little samples to play with but will include them in my next empties video.  

Firstly I am going to describe my experience of the false eyelashes. This may seem hard to believe, but I have never used false eyelashes (it is the idea of sticking them near my lashes). These obviously aren't like stick on lashes and I was very intrigued to see what the result was going to be like.  
Let's discuss the look and feel of the product. Well basically, I loved it. The colours, the writing, the design it is really funky! The very confident statement on the front made me desperate to give them a go, so I took a before, during and after pic, and here they are:

So the images give you a rough idea of the process involved and yes for a good attempt at falsies the product delivers. It is such a simple application, a layer of mascara, a layer of fibres (be prepared they really are white), wait 30-60 seconds, then another layer of mascara. No mess, no fuss, and you can use your own mascara of choice. There is a definite improvement. I have not had any irritation, and the look has lasted all day, even with a brisk walk in the wind this morning.  

I really do like the idea that you will get a few applications from the product rather than one use and throw away. I really didn't pile on the fibres, but if you wanted a more dramatic look for going out, then applying more is an option. From looking at the various sites, the cost is averaging out at around £20. I really must try some real false lashes, a possible next video in the making I think!
This little pot of promise is my second 'gift' to myself. There are four colours available in this range, however I received the Bourjois Cream Blush in Rose Tender (3). A very fitting name really as it is a lovely blusher and feels like velvet on the skin.  It is creamy in the pot initially, but once you start applying it, it glides over the cheeks leaving a just pinched look, very nice.  

I used it on its own over my foundation, but also over my bronzer for two different looks. The first look I thought looked best, with clear lids and a healthy serving of mascara. The second look I paired with some darker eye shadow and a bold lip which looked really nice. You do not need a lot as the colour is actually quite rich and goes a long way. Easy to use little pot, a good one to pop in your handbag for a touch up in the day. Cost wise, it is very reasonable at around £8, smells nice to. 

I hope you have enjoyed my reviews, let me know what you think. See you again in my next video.     



Becky said...

Wow the magnifibres look great - the change is very obvious. How long did they last for?

Anonymous said...

NellyB - the lashes look great. Are they easy to find in the local shops? Certainly more natural than the usual false eyelashes

Anonymous said...

Wow! The lashes look really different. Very impressive. Having had false eyelash extensions myself before, I liked the initial effect but found it an expensive treatment to keep up. Magnifibres look like the way forward!

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