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I was listening to the radio this morning, and they were debating when it becomes a little annoying to keep hearing 'Happy New Year'. It was decided that saying it once to the person or audience is more than sufficient, so here is my one time 'Happy New Year to you all'. Briskly moving on.

Today we will be discussing concealers, an area of the beauty market flooded by numerous products. After the 'party season' we are probably feeling a little in need of a helping hand in the 'bright eyes' department! I have highlighted (sorry) two of mine that I am using currently.

No7 Instant Radiance Concealer
I have had this product in my make-up bag for a few months hence the less than pristine condition. I bought it when I was having a bad run of sleepless nights and basically needed a good disguise. The cost is approximately £14 so not the cheapest but not Dior expensive. Overall, this concealer is really good. Good coverage, lovely consistency, blends well and does hide dark circles. I probably wouldn't say that I turn back the hands of time from using it, but it certainly improves the appearance for me. It is easy to use with the handy little button at the end which distributes the product into the bristles, and then apply straight onto the delicate eye area. A few dots and you are ready to face the world.

Barbara Daly Trade Secrets Light Effect Concealer Pen 2
Okay, now this is a first for me, buying makeup from Tesco. It somehow just doesn't sit right that one can buy peppers, teabags and Cheerios and also a great range of beauty products, but I decided to run with it. I read about this product in a magazine, and the writer was raving about how great it was and a steal at only £7.99. I didn't really need it, but I'm afraid that little devil on my shoulder made me do it!  

I must say that it is actually a really lovely concealer. There are a couple of shades to choose from, so I just guesstimated which one. I really like the packaging, and the branding is simple but bold. The dispensing of the concealer is much the same as the No7 pen, apart from a twist base rather than a push button. The consistency is good, perhaps a little more watery than I would have liked, but it soaked in well and did cover the darker circles under my eyes. I found that the longevity was not as good as the No7, but for a concealer at this price, you could reapply throughout the day. 

This range of makeup has recently been re branded, and from what I saw a few weeks ago, I must say for the better. I have witnessed over the last couple of months the transformation of the beauty sections within Tesco and the high end brands they now stock is fantastic. Thank goodness I do online shopping elsewhere, as they are so full of treats for the beauty obsessive I'd never eat!

I hope you have enjoyed my little concealer round up, any comments or questions just let me know:    

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