Holiday in a bottle!

When I took photos of my 'Holiday in a bottle' products, it was the most glorious sunny day, then May happened and it's all gone a bit 'Pete Tong' to name a phrase. Well, ever the optimist, I am getting my recommendations in early for sun creams for body and face, and if you are like me, once you have used this you will not go back!
There you have it, 'Holiday in a bottle', a line that sums up these products perfectly, or otherwise known as Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration. I used these all of last year, and they have been re-purchased for this year. I just love them! Fragrance, tick. Absorption, tick. Greasiness (or lack of it), tick. Protection, tick. A full house then. 
So, let us start with the body sun cream. Well it has a high factor of 30, to give high protection. I only use factor 30 or above, there is just too much research out there to prove the harmful effects of the sun if you don't protect yourself well. I would recommend that you shake the bottle a little to mix up all the ingredients before you apply, as if it has been standing, the oil can separate slightly. Moving on to how this cream has got me into such a fluster. It is strange, the smell of a perfume, body spray or even a candle, can evoke memories and feelings which make you feel great, just as this does. I apply this beautiful cream and the smell is just fabulous, it is the beach, cocktails, the sea, relaxation and warm sunshine all rolled into one. The texture of the cream is perfect for a sun cream, rich, easily absorbed and sinks into the skin without any residue. Skin is left moisturised but more importantly, protected and with the many years of experience behind this brand, I have confidence that I won't burn. 
Now, onto the face cream. In my opinion, this is a base for my skin come the summer days, when I am out and about enjoying the good old British sunshine. It is suitable to apply under makeup, and I am a big advocate of doing this throughout the warmer months. I probably should through the winter to be honest, but as I tend to use a foundation with SPF15+ I feel I'm protecting my face reasonably well. The fragrance of this face cream is just the same as the body cream, so that makes it even more heavenly to apply. It is non sticky and does not interfere with my makeup. I apply it all over my face as a moisturiser, and also my decolletage. Once again, I only buy the Factor 30 as a minimum, as I truly feel that if we take care of our skin now, (hopefully) it will look after us as we age gracefully. 

So, this is my recommendation for the perfect sun creams for summer. It has the smell, the look and the protection for glowing, healthy skin. Have you used any other Hawaiian Tropic products? What's your favourite? Let's compare notes....

I hope you have enjoyed this little ray of sunshine.

Bye for now, x

p.s. This is a useful little website to have a look through :) 

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Betty McAlister said...

Just to look at these sun products makes you think of summer. Lovely packaging. Must look out for them on my next shop ready for my holiday. Must say don't think to use sun products on my skin every day but perhaps now that summer is on its way, I should.

Anonymous said...

I usually use banana boat as my sunscreen but certainly I will give the one you describe a go

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