An unexpected review – Cowshed Anti-Ageing Perfecting Night Serum

In my previous blog, I reviewed two lovely products from my monthly YouBeauty Discovery Box, a Crabtree & Evelyn nail varnish and a Wild about Beauty Eye shadow. I also received two ‘bonus’ samples within the box, one a vitamin drink, (just couldn’t drink it) and secondly the Cowshed serum sachet.

Now, I know I said that the serum sample was too small to be able to review it, but how wrong I was! A little really does go a long way with this product, and without sounding gushing, it is just lovely. I’m going to provide the product description and picture below to give a little more information, and I’ll pick up with you just after:

‘Cowshed Anti-Ageing Perfecting Night Serum is the ultimate all-in-one anti-ageing treatment. The innovative serum-in-oil is bursting with natural active ingredients and essential oils that work wonders on your skin while you sleep, so that you can wake up to a firmer, brighter and smoother complexion.’

Ok, so now for my take on this serum. Firstly, I was a little taken aback when the liquid came flying out of the sachet, (I managed to save it from going down the plughole). It is not like the serums I have used before, such as the No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum.

The oil base did put me off a little, as I worry about breakouts and clogged pores, but I applied it to my face and neck where my skin just drank up the product leaving no greasiness or patches on my pillow. I haven’t had any adverse reaction so far, and my skin does genuinely look and feel smoother.

The smell of the serum is delightful, very soothing and relaxing but not heavy or overpowering. I have used the sachet now for three nights in a row, and I look forward to applying it after I have cleansed, it is a lovely treat. Receiving this sample has certainly changed my opinions on oil based products, as without it, I would have definitely been put off. The price is also a bit of an eye opener (for different reasons) at a healthy £48 for 30ml. However, knowing how far this product can go in just three nights, and also the benefits attached, I can safely say it would be a long term investment! Hmm, I better get my letter off to Santa sharpish……



Lucy Small said...

This sounds amazing, I must try it. Thanks Claritybeauty

Anonymous said...

This sounds amazing but I have to admit, the price scares me a bit! I'm not adverse to spending money on good products and your review does make it very tempting but can you recommend any alternatives that may be a little less pricey?

Unknown said...

Hello there, thank you for the comment. Well, as mentioned in my post the No7 Protect &Perfect Serum Advanced is a great alternative. It is £24.95 but it works and again does last a fair amount of time. There is no specific scent and the consistency is much firmer than oil based serums. Hope this helps?

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