What’s in your bag?

What’s in your bag?
OK, so we all have to start somewhere and my place is here.   I have been reading a lot of beauty blogs, watching vlogs (I didn’t know what they were beforehand) and all of them differ in many ways.  One trait that comes through with all of them is passion, and a love for whatever they are writing or talking about.  I love make-up and anything beauty really, so my blogging adventure has begun!
I thought of this initial blog idea, whilst rummaging through my ever expanding make up bag.  It is amazing how one accumulates so much ‘stuff’, yet really I only use five to six products daily!  By just applying some select bits, I can look presentable to the world in just about 5-10 mins.  From experience, I don’t think it has to take an hour to get your face ready in the morning, if you have an hour, great, but most peeps I know definitely do not have that time.  Note to self, I must share my quick fix make-up regime in a vlog, it will prove my point I think.
If I look through my make-up bag, I can see how my tastes have changed over the years and how I have fallen into a ‘way’ of applying and buying my make-up.  I always tend to buy a fairly light foundation, one that blends into my skin but covers well.  The choice of products is quite mesmerising, and if you haven’t done your research prior to heading into Boots you may come out with something you didn’t bargain for (which I have done many times)!  My bag has got such a mixture of products, from Clarins Foundation to No17 eyeliner.  Unlike products such as foundation, I like to give the cheaper brands a go, as little gems can be found when you least expect them.

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Anonymous said...

I wish my makeup bag was as tidy as yours!! You must be a fan of bare minerals.

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