Let's get Festive!

Nothings says Christmas better than bright, bold or sparkly digits! I have been busy picking out five of my favourite polishes especially for you.  I've gone from uber sparkly to smokey dark to compliment that seductive black dress you have been dying to wear. Let's begin....
Left pinky - Essie Hors d'oeuvres
Honestly, this is not a polish that in the past I would have chosen, as I'm not a massive 'glitter on nails' kind of girl, however this I love. It requires two coats to ensure that a block of colour is achieved, and it is subtly 'bling' without looking cheap. The polish dried really quickly, and the surface of the nail was not rough considering the larger specs of glitter that it contains. A bonus of wearing a polish of this nature is longevity, the chips are well disguised. I would definitely put this colour on my toes with open toed sandals for a party or even a summer wedding. A little tip for removal of this varnish. Soak the cotton wool pad with the remover and hold on the nail for a couple of minutes to dissolve the polish before wiping away. The removal of all glitter can be a little time consuming!

Wedding finger - NAILSINC Hanover Square 
I have worn this polish for some time now, and it is one of my favourites in terms of wear ability, coverage and drying time. The colour is rich but perfectly acceptable for day to evening wear. It isn't high gloss but has a slight shine which is perfect. A little tip: This polish is perfect for complimenting silver coloured jewelry (rings especially), it just seems to throw the colour of the metal up against your skin. It's a perfect excuse to go out and buy some if you haven't got any!
Middle finger - Crabtree & Evelyn Apple/Rouge Sublime
It's nothing new to say that I love this nail varnish, hence why it is in my top five festive polishes. The colour is gorgeous, a shimmery red, moderate shine and fantastic in terms of durability. It dries in minutes so the second coat can be applied and you are ready to party! It is a running theme with all the C&E nail lacquers, as I have a light brown shade called sand/beige sable (which has just appeared in my collection), and it is exactly the same. I have worn this in the day, on the school run, shopping etc and also out for dinner and I feel happy wearing it in all situations. 

Forefinger - Nail Paint by Barry M Raspberry 273  
This polish is great for this time of year. The colour shouts out Autumn/Winter, cuddly jumpers and warm boots. I find the colour to be more of a wine colour than Raspberry, as it is much darker with the second coat. These polishes have a really good brush so you can create a nice straight edge next to the cuticle and the paint glides on well, however you wouldn't really get away with just one coat. The only downside to this varnish is the drying time. I was comparing the drying time to the C&E varnish but it didn't come up to scratch in that department. Make sure you leave plenty of time before you need to go out.
Thumb - Nail Paint by Barry M Dusky Mauve 313
I just love reading the names of nail varnishes across nail polish brands, who creates them? It would be the best job to come up with amazing descriptive names. Anyway, my final varnish today is another Barry M. I know I said that the drying aspect is a little disappointing, but only if you are in a hurry. I tend to ensure I do my nails the night before so I have plenty of time, it's a therapeutic process for me. Coming back to this varnish, I really like the colour. It is almost grey, but in some lights it is purple and others there is a hint of green and shimmery pink that flashes through. It is not as bold as the other selections but it certainly makes an impression. It could be worn with an array of different coloured outfits, at work, meals out and it would compliment them well. 
And finally.  Due to the dark colours of these nail varnishes, please please, always apply a good quality base coat. I always use the OPI natural nail base coat. Not only will this help to reduce the drying effects of the varnish on the nail but it will reduce staining. I have found that a maximum of five days is the limit to ensure my nails stay healthy and happy.

Happy painting and please leave me your thoughts: 

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