Oh Babor!

It is not very often that I receive the morning post and squeal like a little girl on Christmas Day, once the postman has walked away! The products that caused this sudden wave of hysteria are the Babor Reversive range, a wonderfully elegant, state of the art, anti-ageing cream and eye cream.  Hmm, I wonder how many of you are reaching for those search engines........? 
This is how the range is described: "The anti-aging REVERSIVE range contains an exclusive BABOR precision formula with active ingredients Telovitin, Agicyl, Epocyl and Lumicol. Skin's individual youthful radiance is restored and feels silky to the touch".

I will go into more details about the actual creams inside the canisters shortly, but firstly I have to share my initial thoughts on my new love affair. I must admit, on first opening the creams, I was completely taken aback by the beautiful colour (a stunning metallic brown), quality and down right elegance of the bottles. Highly polished metal, slimline and almost engineered to fit snugly into your hand for ease of use.  At first, I was almost in awe of them and didn't want to use them in case I smudged the beautifully polished appearance, however, that soon wore off. Aesthetically, there is nothing I could improve on, there is even a handy little gauge at the side to let you know when the product is getting low. These bottles are like glamorous accessories for your bedroom dressing table, but with a lot more substance.

Babor Reversive anti-aging cream
This is the taller one of the two. I made sure that I prepared my skin well before I used this, as I felt it deserved my full attention. I cleansed, toned and then pressed some of the cream out onto my finger. One full push on the button releases the perfect amount for the face. From the moment I massaged it into my skin, I was hooked. Everything oozes class, the smell, the consistency, the feel, just everything. I may sound a little gushing, but it really is something every woman should try and decide for themselves. I have used this product for two weeks following the same cleansing routine morning and night and there is no doubt that my skin feels plumper and smoother (and that is with a bout of illness thrown in for good measure)! I am very fortunate that I do not have significant wrinkles yet, but I can see how crow lines or laughter lines could be reduced or maintained to an appropriate level. The cream itself has the perfect texture and is absorbed rapidly without any sticky residue. The scent is subtle but seductive, and it leaves an almost heady aroma. I apply a primer under my foundation and even with this, my skin felt supple and not heavy in anyway.
Babor Reversive Anti-aging eye cream
This eye cream does not disappoint. The cream is slightly heavier in consistency and a little more transparent in colour, however it still rubs in beautifully without any heaviness around the eye area. Neither of these points affect the application of concealer or highlighter. I have used many different brands of eye cream over the years, some have been okay, some have promised the reduction of dark circles and brighter eyes (but to no avail) and some have been a real irritant to my eye area. I'm always very wary of piling on an unknown cream as it is such a delicate area and you really need to trust the product. From using this brand (and doing a lot of research) I completely trust this brand and the product. I have applied the eye cream religiously morning and night, and I feel like it is working. My eye area (to the naked eye) hasn't really changed over the last couple of weeks, but it just feels different, it is very hard to describe. I'm afraid I can become a little bored with a product if I do not see a difference, but these two have kept me interested and I have and will maintain my cleansing and moisturising ritual until the very last drop! Who knows, with these two power houses, I may be transformed back into my young twenties self!

I have read the history and journey of the Babor product range. I love the ethos behind them and I especially love that you can buy a professional product with results, without the need to visit a salon. The cost is a lot more than say buying a simple L'Oreal face cream, however the expertise, ingredients and technology that back up these creams is second to none. It's not too late to pop some of these products onto your Christmas wish list, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

I hope that you have enjoyed my extra special product review, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the usual places, bye for now!

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*PR samples used

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