Peachy lips and bright nails - perfect combo?

It is definitely getting to that time of year when all nail varnish has to change to a shade of coral, it's just an unwritten rule in my world. I have so many different shades of coral, reddy coral, orangey coral, and so on. So buying another shade to add to my collection, was nothing out of the ordinary. However, whilst searching for a top in Next that wasn't dark or long sleeved, I came across their own selection of makeup. So, here are two of their products and more importantly what I thought of them.

Nail Colour Collection in Paradise £4
The colour attracted me initially. This shade of coral leans towards a more orange in tone, which is perfect for this time of year and this shade promotes a glossy finish as with most varnishes. I wore this colour on my little minbreak to Venice, and surprisingly I only had to touch up a couple of chips while I was away.  
So longevity wise it did well, (although there was no washing up, changing nappies, cleaning etc to contend with). It dries quickly and evenly, ensuring you have a good solid base coat underneath that is. I would definitely recommend that a second coat is applied, as the first will leave gaps of colour on the nail surface. Overall, I really like the colour and depth it presents once both coats are in situ, it was a good varnish for the relatively inexpensive cost.
Make Me Beautiful Lipstick in Simply Peach £8
I am still working through my obsession with matte lipstick, so this was my final purchase before I begin to obsess about lip gloss for the next few months. My initial observation of this product was the great packaging. It is really funky, and looks a lot more expensive than it is. The texture of the lipstick is creamy and grips onto the lips with ease. (Tip: If your lips are not completely smooth, these bits will show up a lot more using this shade. Try putting a bit of Vaseline on your lips prior to application). I used a nude colour lip liner to define the shape of the lip which I think should be used. I suggest a Boots Natural Collection in Almond, a pretty good match, for me anyway.  I was pretty chuffed to receive a compliment on my colour this afternoon, as I still wasn't completely convinced. 
Certain matte lipsticks can create a dryness on your lips, thankfully I haven't experienced this to date, but I have seen many reviews claiming this to be the case for them. I have not felt any over drying or uncomfortable sensation whilst using this product, so that is a positive!

These two little products have performed really well, and I was particularly hard on them, almost looking for flaws (naughty me), but in all honesty, I can't find anything negative to say. The two colours work nicely together, especially for a day wear look. A great concept to buy a new top, and treat yourself to a new make up product at the same time, brilliant.

Have you bought any NEXT make up products? What did you think?

Until next time, thanks for reading.

Ally x

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Unknown said...

Ohhhh I think I'll have to be brave & purchase a lipstick. I've not really worn lipstick since I was in my teens eeekk. I seem to have got into a lipgloss rut & need to be brave & introduce a proper lippy. Would you have any good suggestions for a dark blonde, green eyed, fair skinned lady like myself? 😉

Unknown said...

Hi Charlotte, thanks for getting in touch! Yes, lipstick seems like a whole new ball game when you are used to gloss. If you wanted to try a lipstick but didn't want to spend a lot, try a Stay Pout Lippie from Seventeen in Boots. The colour is called Just a fling, a pinky brown and it's a matte texture. Let me know how you get on. xx

Unknown said...

Fab, I'll purchase one next time I'm in town & let you know the verdict 😉

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