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Nothing sets off your eyes better than perfectly applied eyeliner. I must admit, I'm still working on the ink liner application, that cat eye flick isn't quite there, however, smudged, smokey is such an achievable look, and one I use daily. I've decided to include two eyeliners for this post, both designed to do the same job, however one is more expensive and waterproof.

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner
Too faced. I love the name, and I will be honest, I bought this pencil on the reviews and description provided. I had a couple of reasons for choosing this brand, one is that I wanted a better quality pencil lead with longevity and a more durable outlook, and one that can go up against a toddler splash session and survive, hence the waterproof aspect. The other is the colour, I wanted a rich dark brown, no sparkle, just brown. It isn't cheap at £16 plus postage, so I was expecting good things.

Bloggers don't want to say anything negative about a product, but I felt a tinge of disappointment on the first application. I began to draw, as one does across the lash line and virtually lost half of the lead as it was very soft! Naturally, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, so proceeded onto the other eye with extreme caution. This was improved due to the lighter application technique, however having to be so careful is not ideal. The lead is easily worn down even with a lighter touch, so a sense of hesitation in using it everyday creeps in. On the upside, the colour of the lead is nice, with no sparkle and is a solid brown, so no complaints there. 
There is a definite positive with this liner and that is the smudger on the other end of the pencil. Once the colour had been applied, it enabled you to create a smooth coloured area across the lash line, but I wouldn't say smokey smudged, as it is too creamy and soft. The downside to a pencil of this nature is that it needs sharpening very often, hence it disappears very quickly, not a good prospect for the credit card. 

No7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eyes Pencil  
As with all these posts, there has to be a competitor to compare your argument to, and it's No7 today. I've had this pencil for about two months and it's a great everyday pencil with the ambition to create an impressive evening look too. It is different to the Too Faced lead, as it is classed as metallic, which yes it is, but not in an overpowering way. The lead is very pliable. It is soft and doesn't drag on the eyelid and most importantly holds it's composure! As I mentioned, I have worn this most days, as it is easy to apply, gives a nice impact statement on the eyes and it lasts. I have also used it underneath an eye shadow as a darker base to build up colour on the lid for the evening. The smudger is also perfectly formed and creates a smooth, smokey finish.
The interesting and bonus feature of this pencil is the cost. It is reasonably priced at £6.50, which I think is great for an everyday pencil. I wouldn't hesitate in trying other colours in this range and even the non metallic range.   
That's it for now, if you have any great eyeliners to shout about, drop me a line. 

Ally x

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