Products I use... Part 2 - Tone and moisturise PM

Howdy and welcome to part 2 of my evening cleansing routine, tone and moisturise! I admit, taking off my makeup and pampering my skin is a perfect end to my day. Our skin works hard for us so let's get cracking and I'll take you through my routine. 


I read conflicting arguments regarding the use of toner. Personally, I tone after cleansing. I find that it removes any residue that is on my skin and I like the feeling of my clean skin afterwards. I am going through a bit of a trial with a couple of products from Aldi, Lacura. I'm using the Healthy Glow Glycolic Toner, which is a dupe for the Pixi Glow Exfoliating Tonic. Whilst it is doing what I need it to do, I won't change it. To use this product, just dampen a cotton wool pad with the product and sweep over the face (avoiding under the eyes) which can be a bit harsh for the gentle skin around the eyes. It's as simple as that. I would recommend monitoring how the skin reacts if you are not used to using a toner and deciding from there if it is right for you. I really like this toner, so would recommend it for sure. There are also spray mists which I have seen other beauty bods using, have you tried any? 

Facial Oil

Next in my repertoire is facial oil. In all honesty, I have only started using a facial oil in the last month or so. I felt like my skin needed some extra moisture. I had read some lovely reviews about the oil I am using which is Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Oil. First things first, the packaging is okay, it's basic and I prefer to have the bottle transparent so I can see how much I have left. (random) I do, however, like the rose gold detail on the dropper. The product inside has a beautiful rose scent (funny that), and I use about two drops each evening. Rub it into your hands and blend into your face (avoiding the eye area again). The oil is not heavy on the skin, I definitely feel my skin soaks up the liquid and the rose scent last a while which is lovely. A word of advice would be to let it soak up before applying your next product. 

Eye Cream

Who doesn't love a good eye cream? I'm a big eye cream fan and I'm currently using quite a posh one. It is the Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Eye and Lip contour (anti-aging). It claims to reduce wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and slackness around the eye and lip area. I have been using it for some time and I am really enjoying it. It has saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-floral cells, which contributes to the gorgeous smell it has. I don't have very dark circles or slackness (yet) so I cannot confirm or deny it offers miracles there. All I can say is that I really like using it daily and my outer eye area is bright and smooth.  


Well well well, now it's time for the big boys. Retinol, which is a derivative of Vitamin A is a product used for skin renewal, something I have used for about two months. I'm over 40 now, so I thought that it was time I started to use some proper anti-aging products. I can only write about my experience, but I am pretty sure it has reduced some fine lines on my face, especially on my forehead! I am using The Inkey List Retinol, which was personally recommended by another skincare junkie. If you are new to using Retinol, this one is a good place to start. Generally, there are levels of Retinol, usually measured in percentages. At 1% this is fairly low but can still cause a reaction if not used correctly. My way, which has been problem-free is as follows:

1. Use a pea-sized amount and rub it into the skin, cheeks, forehead and neck (avoiding the eye area).

2. Let it soak in and ensure to follow up with your night cream of choice. 

Please make sure that these steps are followed as it helps to lock in the product and not cause the dry/red patchy skin you can get. Don't be afraid of Retinol, it just needs to be used properly and consistently to get results. I think I will try a higher percentage soon, any recommendations for me? 

Night Cream

I do feel that a night cream should be the piece de resistance of an evening skincare routine. It should be like that gorgeous heavy duvet that envelopes you on a cold winter's evening (but for your face). The cream should be soothing, relaxing and feel like it is working hard whilst you snooze! I was lucky enough to have the LookFantastic Beauty calendar last year, and the night cream I'm using is from that collection. The Comfort Zone Renight Cream is currently loving my skin. It contains Goji berry, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil. The smell is beautiful, and the cream is easily absorbed so beautifully into my face and neck. I love the packaging as well, it's funky and modern and I've been impressed by the results. My skin gets a treat every evening, and I wake up with very soft skin. I don't use lots of this product, just under half a teaspoon I would say. It does go a long way and overall I will definitely consider buying it after I finish this 30ml version. It is a little pricey but I certainly think it packs a punch in the night cream arena. 

Self-tanning drops

It must be spring heading into the summer months as my fake tan products are being resurrected! I was recommended the Bondisands Pure self-tanning drops by a friend who is very particular about their facial products. If you are looking to find a natural glow that is easy to configure into your skincare this is it! By just adding two or three drops into your moisturiser and applying as normal, a tanning effect will happen in a couple of days. That's how long it took for me anyway. One thing I will admit is that I had a bit of dryness on my face at the start of using these, but this is now cleared up so it could have been anything (especially at my age). Do wash your hands after using the drops as they can give transfer onto the palms and that's not the best look really. Overall, I think this is a great easy to use fake tan option for the face, definitely try it leading up to the summer!

There you have it, from toning through to self-tan, here is my current routine as it stands. I am using some great products that don't have to cost the earth and enjoying some lovely results. I am, however, a huge advocate of an inside out philosophy. I always recommend drinking lots of water, eating well and exercising as these all contribute to a healthy mind and body. What products are you using or if you have used any of my products, what did you think?

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