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Today marks the tenth day I have been using my Mark & Spencer Silk pillowcase which costs enough at £29.50. Does this product fall into the beauty and skincare category? Yes, I think it does.  It claims to put an end to bad hair mornings and offers sleepers an anti bedhead benefit. It claims also that it can work to reduce lines on your face and allow your skin and hair to retain moisture. Is this the case? Read on to find out. Oh and forgive the slightly random photography in this post, pillowcases are obviously not my niche! 

My silk pillowcase was in fact a gift from my husband for Mother's Day. I had been mentioning (quite a few times) that I really wanted to try one, and just like that, one appeared on my special day. Who knew! I digress. So, the pillowcase came in a small cardboard package, which on opening expanded into a normal-sized pillowcase. Both sides are in fact silk, as some have a cotton side on one side. The feel was immediately dreamy.  I love grey and the boy did good buying the perfect colour for me. 

My feedback about this pillowcase is that no, I am not looking 10 years younger, but yes my locks are definitely smoother and not so scarecrow first thing! I love lying on the silk, it's soft and so luxurious on my face, and I must say that I don't think that it soaks up my potions and lotions as much from my nighttime routine. This can only be a really positive outcome in my opinion. I hope then, that this contributes to the anti-aging process whilst I sleep. Why not take a look at my cleanse, tone and moisturise routine for some great tips to up your skincare routine here.   

Functionality to me is important, and this pillowcase can be washed at 40 degrees in your washing machine. It advises not to tumble dry, so I have followed said instructions. It does, however, dry very quickly and hasn't lost any of its quality feel afterwards.

The big question to answer is... are they worth the spend? At £29.50, it is a lot to spend on a pillowcase when its cotton counterpart is much cheaper. But to answer my question, I would say yes. Even if they don't make me lose 10 years overnight, the luxury and comfort they bring are so nice. I'm over forty now, so I will happily add luxury (and an extra bit of help) to my world of beauty, skincare and anti-aging and enjoy the small benefits that come with that little luxury. 

The range of silk pillowcases and their prices is vast on the internet, and I would be interested to be able to compare a £100 one to my one, we'll have to see if that happens. Have you used a silk pillowcase and what did you think? Comment below and let's compare notes.  

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