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Lips are very important to me. I think there is nothing nicer than having a soft, blemish free and kissable pout. This little number is the key to having just that. I had to re-read the description due to the word STEMCELL, hmm not a phrase you see everyday! However, when I saw Super-food, and then glam balm, all was okay with the world. Once again I was sold on the clever wording used to entice us beauty hungry soles.  
I have been using this glam balm for a while now and it goes everywhere with me. The product itself is clear and has a floral scent to it, not surprising really as it contains Alpine Rose Stemcells. How beautiful does that sound? I have used it alone and also over the top of my lip liner and it gives a nice high shine, just under glossy and an immediate relief to my lips, even if I didn't think they felt particularly dry. If there is a favourite matte lipstick colour you like, it could be applied over the top to create a glossier effect. 

This tube of glam balm is not the actual product that you would buy, but a smaller sample that I received in my You Beauty calendar last year. I'll be honest, I had not heard of Rodial as a skincare brand, but I have been doing some research and there is a fabulous portfolio of products available, ranging from skincare to makeup, with a high profile following. Hmm can I ask for Easter presents?
To conclude, I'm loving the quality of this lip balm. I love the smell, the texture, the high shine and I really love the branding! I think if I whipped the 'real' product out, I'd be asked all sorts of questions by my beauty enthusiast friends. Although the retail price of this is £19 online, I am so impressed with the longevity of this sample tube, it will be a good investment long term. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have enjoyed my post, get in touch and let me know your thoughts. 

Ally x

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