Summer is coming.....

I have found a new friend in my skincare regime. It's the Garnier Original, Miracle Skin Perfector All-in-One BB cream in Light. I'm not embarrassed to admit that this is my first experience of using a BB cream and I'm really happy with it's performance so far. There are so many choices out there and nearly every skin care brand has a similar product. I went with one that I had seen before and a brand that I trust. Usually during the warmer months I use a tinted moisturiser, and only apply foundation if I am going out in the evening for a deeper coverage. This cream is a little miracle worker, and I have already purchased the medium shade for when I start getting my tan! Ever the optimist!
As you can see, the cream is coloured and so it requires some blending, especially around the jawline and hair line. It is designed to perfect skin tone, blur imperfections, leave you with a healthy glow and provide an SPF 15, all of which I can vouch for. It's consistency is really nice, not too runny but not too thick either. The cream has a slight scent, but nothing that is off-putting. I'm using the cream as a complete moisturiser only in the morning at the moment and my ever changing skin is soft and happy. I'm still using my night cream for that extra boost of moisture overnight. I chose the light option at this time of year, as I'm a little pasty after hibernating for the Winter. I think I would struggle to make a darker shade blend well, so I advise it's best to go safe if you are not sure! 
I think this is a great alternative to tinted moisturiser and if I am honest, it covers and moisturises so much better. We are now heading into Spring, with more sunshine and a more promising weather report. This product is a little step away from foundation, allows a more natural coverage but with a sturdy confidence. Roll on the Summer so I can try the darker shade!

Bye for now. 

Allyson x

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