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Well, this is my first lifestyle post for my blog. I purchased this lovely little number in Brighton at the Neal's Yard Remedies store, I virtually floated out of the shop after inhaling all the beautiful aromas floating around. I also discovered that this company makes and sells a great collection of beauty and make-up products, looks rather nice to, (I was ushered out far too quickly)!

Writing about an oil burner and oil may seem a little random in comparison to some of my other posts, but I am really taken with it. I was having a mooch around a clothes shop called Noa Noa, and I smelt it as soon as I walked in, a clean, refreshing and uplifting scent in the air. What is that I thought? So with an elbow in the back, my hubby went up and asked the cashier, 'Oh it's a Neal's Yard oil called Women's Balance' came the answer. Right, off to Neal's Yard it is. No clothes, but definitely an oil or two please! The lovely lady in Neal's Yard new instantly which smell it was when we told her where we had smelt it, quite amusing really!
I can remember when I was a teenager having josticks, and a less expensive version of this product, but it definitely did not smell as good. The ceramic burner comes as a whole piece (as some of them enable you to remove the top). It is very basic in it's operation, add some water and a maximum of two drops of the oil, then let the heat from the night-light work it's magic. It doesn't take long to feel the impact of the oil on your senses, (I'll be chanting next), but really I feel it really relaxes me. It's almost like you become enveloped in a hug of aroma and it's quite heady. The water doesn't evaporate too quickly, but keep an eye on it so that it doesn't dry out. I have found that I needed to add a little more water rather than the oil as it lasts, which balances out the cost, (excuse the pun)!
I must say that I winced a little at the cost of these two. £16 for the ceramic burner and £9.50 for the oil, but I am glad that I chose these and didn't skimp on an imitation oil. The quality of the essence is superb and this is what makes it special. The Women's Balance blend is designed to be very good for us ladies in particular, to balance our hormones and emotions, but I feel it is perfect for any time of the month and for men to. My husband is now a big fan, and will happily set up the burner for me.

Neal's Yard Remedies sell an extensive selection of oils for vaporisation and use on the skin, all with unique qualities to soothe away those ailments or worries. The team on the shop floor are very knowledgeable and keen to help. It's definitely worth a look, I'm glad I delved in, and now I'm hooked!

I hope you enjoyed this slight detour in my blogging content, hope to hear from you.

Bye for now. Ally 

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Charlotte said...

Like the sound of this Ally. A good Mother's Day gift idea, thank you ��

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